17×17 Flat Panel

Detector Technology a-Si
Scintillator GOS or CsI
Image Size 17×17 Inches
Pixel Matrix 2560×3073
Spatial Resolution 3.6 Lines Per Millimeter
Image Acquisition Time (Wired/Wireless) 3 seconds / 5 seconds
A/D Conversion 16 Bit
C_Ray Voltage Range 40-150 KV
Battery Standby Time 8 Hours
Data Interface GigE/802.11n,ac
Power Dissipation 20 W
Adapter Input AC 100-240V,50-60Hz
Adapter Output DC 24V, 60W
Dimensions 17x17x.6 Inches
Weight 10lbs Wired/8lbs Wireless
Housing Materials Carbon and Alloy
Water Tightness IPX3
Operating Environment 41 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit 10-75% RH
Warranty 3 Year


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